Lec 1 - Downloading R and plot your first graph

STAT 1010 - Fall 2022

Learning outcomes

By the end of this lesson, you should:

  • Have downloaded R, and know how to start a project

  • Drawn your first ggplot in R

Download R

For our course we will be using R and RStudio. Use the QR code below or click here..

A new IDE

Update global option

Workspace image

Saving workspace

Rainbow parenthesis

Parenthesis are important

Code font

Update background and font color of code

Pane layout

Update panes and their layout

Start a project

Open RStudio and do the following:

Start a new project in RStudio

New directory

Select “New Directory”

Directory type

Then select “New Project”

New folder

Hit the “Browse” button, then the “New Folder” button and name it “Stats1010.” All work related to this class will be in this folder, and we will create a new document for each chapter and homework.

then hit “Create project.”

Start a document

Quarto is a recently developed framework that interactively connects to multiple programming languages and allows for advanced statistical work to be linked to word processing with ease. It will be the basis for our course and for data analysis.

Starting a new quarto file

Name the document

Name the document “lec_01” and hit create

Naming the document

Insert an R code chuck

Insert a code chunk

Insert code chunk

Write your first line of coding

Click here or the qr code below to write your first line of code